Sweet PDZ Granular, 35 lb.


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SWEET PDZ Granular, 35 lb.

Zeolites were formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago, and it should be stressed, that all zeolites have unique characteristics and abilities. The clinoptilolite (Clino) that comprises Sweet PDZ is one of the very best at ammonia absorption and odor neutralization.

How it Works
Sweet PDZ is extremely effective at neutralizing and removing ammonia and odors, because of its two special properties:

  • Absorption – Which is the sticking of the ammonia gas molecule to the surface of the Sweet PDZ granule. When the Sweet PDZ granules desorb, or dry out, the ammonia odor molecule is driven off the surface of the mineral as nitrogen. This is why spent (used) bedding material that includes Sweet PDZ, works so well as a slow release fertilizer or as an enhancement to composting.
  • Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) – This is the liquid exchange aspect of Sweet PDZ’s odor neutralizing process. A sodium or potassium cation from the zeolite granule hydrolyzes (goes to liquid/urine) and the ammonium is exchanged and then becomes part of the Sweet PDZ granule. This liquid exchange works because the Sweet PDZ granules are always holding water.

We introduced Granular Sweet PDZ as a result of some customers requesting a larger granule size. Many of these customers were using stall mats in their stalls, and they liked how the Granular product performed with their mats. Additionally, many customers liked the less dusty effect the Granular product offered when they applied it in their stalls. Some folks find that it flows more easily out of a cup or scoop when applying it, thus allowing for more efficient use of Sweet PDZ. Granular Sweet PDZ tends to be the preferred product for application in pet habitats, such as cat boxes, small animal habitats, bird cages and dog runs.

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