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Purina® Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Horse Feed

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Purina® Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Horse Feed

Horses need more nutrition than forage alone can provide.Today’s horses are typically limited to a single type of forage in one geographic area. Pastures in the same area or even different sections of the same pasture can have inconsistent nutrient values. Unfortified grains such as straight oats and corn can also have variable amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. So horses need your help to achieve the nutritional balance they once derived naturally.

Enrich Plus® is a concentrated, pelleted ration balancing horse feed that may be fed as a horse’s sole ration along with quality hay or pasture to provide the proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals without unnecessary calories. It can also be fed with unfortified whole grains.


  • High Quality Protein: 32% protein with essential amino acids lysine and methionine for growth, development and muscle maintenance and repair
  • Quality Ingredients that are highly digestible and naturally palatable
  • Corn-free and Oat-free for horses with specific sensitivities
  • Vegetable Oil to support a shiny hair coat and healthy skin condition.
  • Concentrated Formula to provide required nutrition without excess calories
  • Added Antioxidants including Selenium and Vitamin E to help address the damaging effects of free radicals
  • B Vitamins to help maintain metabolic functions
  • Low Starch and Sugar may help horses who have difficulty maintaining blood sugar levels

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