Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding, 6 CF


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Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding, 6 cubic foot

Natural & Organic Bedding and Stall Products!

Welcome to Perma Stall – —today’’s fastest growing, most economical, and environmentally friendly stall bedding solutions provider.

You can rest assured that with Perma Stall’’s unique, patented, rice hull bedding and complementary products, your horses and livestock will experience:

  • A significantly reduced bacterial and allergen-promoting environment
  • A comfort factor that can’t be beat

As owner and ultimate caretaker for your horses and livestock, you will benefit from using Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding:

  • Economically, through lower insurance, labor, and veterinary costs
  • Physically, by a significantly decreased amount of muck, resulting in lighter wheelbarrow loads and reduced clean-up schedules

With Perma Stall as your source for bedding and stall supplies, you will have more money in the bank and, most important, happier, healthier animals with more time to enjoy and love them.

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Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 36 in