Nature’s Bedding Pine Pellets, 40 lb.


40 lb. Bag

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Nature’s Bedding Pine Pellets, 40 lb.
  • 100% pine
  • Free of allergens
  • Reduces insect attraction
  • Ideal for composting, completely biodegradable
  • Reduces clean-up by up to 50% compared to shavings
  • Highly absorbent – up to four times greater than shavings, reducing consumption by 30 to 50%
  • Urine spots will not spread; they will remain clumped or contained for easy removal
  • Significantly reduces the ammonia odor
  • Almost dust free

Processing eliminates the hydro carbons, which cause hives and coughing for some horses that have bedded on pine and cedar shavings

  1. Natures Bedding is environmentally friendly:
  2. Made from a renewable resource
  3. Sustainable source of bedding material
  4. Made from moulding plant residuals
  5. Has no additives

A 40 pound bag requires about 2/3rds less storage space compared to a 12 cu ft bale of shavings are more economical in total cost, i.e. labor to clean, usage due to high absorption rates and less are required when cleaning a stall

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