Moormans GroStrong Ultra-Fiber, 50 lb.


A Low Starch Feed

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Moorman’s GROSTRONG Ultra-FiberĀ® Horse Feed
The Low-Starch Leader


  • 13% protein from oil seed meals and grains
  • Pelleted and highly digestible
  • Fixed formula
  • Fortified with GROSTRONG Minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes
  • Contains natural source vitamin E

Energy from fermentable fibers (soybean hulls, wheat midds,
dehydrated alfalfa meal) to take advantage of the unique equine digestive tract

Lower starch-to-fiber ratio than most grain mixes for reduced risk of digestive
disorders, such as colic, founder, tying-up, and ulcers

Feeding Instructions:
Feed up to 6 lb per day according to condition and work load of horse

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