Grubs Midline 5.0 Boots, Green Moss


Constructed with Grub’s 5.0™ thermal technology, the Midline 5.0 is the perfect boot for the field.


Grubs Boot Company

Grubs Boot Company, Midline 5.0 in Moss Green

The Grubs Midline 5.0 Half Height Boot featuring the TRAK™ sole with Hexzorb™ shock-absorbing technology. This sole has small lugs front & rear to provide good ‘push off’ grip and a prominent heel for ‘braking’ grip.

Constructed with Grub’s 5.0™ thermal technology, the Midline 5.0 is the perfect boot for the field and the comfort and warmth will allow you to keep competing in all forms of outdoor leisure & sport.


  • Mid-Height giving better slip-on, slip-off performance.
  • INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ –  A compression set of less than 7% compared to 20-25% to be found in other neoprene boots.
  • 5.0 TECHNOLOGY™ – A moisture wicking terry knit liner for ultimate dryness and stretch-ability.
  • Removable 6mm NITROCELL™ footbed – A nitrogen bubble structure increases the cushioning and insulative properties of the foot bed
  • SUPER-DRI™ lining
  • 2mm Natural Rubber Shell
  • Self Hardening Layers Of Epoxy Impregnated Material
  • Operate in Temperatures 85 to -5 Fahrenheit
  • TRAK™ sole featuring Hexzorb™ shock-absorbing technology

All Grubs footwear uses self-insulating INSU-FOAM ULTRA bootie construction which acts as a neutral medium between the wearer and the outside.

This unique super stretch material is commonly used in deep sea dry suits, and  has a 300% stretch rating. It is then covered with a 4 way stretch knitted nylon jersey which as suggested can expand not only in width but also height.

In our 5.0 TECHNOLOGY™ boots, the bootie is lined with moisture wicking terry knit, which keeps the wearer dry and has a super stretch to fit most calves. As INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ is a temperature neutral material it will keep the wearers foot comfortable in most conditions for a prolonged period.

TEMPERATURE RANGE 85 to -5 Fahrenheit

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