GroStrong Precise Minerals, 25 lb.


Vitamin And Mineral Supplement

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GroStrong Precise Mineral Supplement, 25 lb.

GROSTRONG Precise Minerals is a vitamin-mineral supplement for all classes of horses; available in granular
form. GROSTRONG Precise Minerals is the vitamin-mineral supplement of choice when
more precise control of calcium to phosphorus ratio is desired.


  • Balanced, scientifically formulated complex of 27 minerals and vitamins
  • Formulated specifically for horses
  • 100+ years of livestock nutrition
  • research and manufacturing experience
  • Optimum amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • Two formulation options
  • Choice of product forms


  • Ensures horses receive needed major minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and electrolytes in the correct amounts and ratios for maintenance, growth, reproduction, and performance.
  • Horse nutrient requirements can be specifically addressed, which allows products to be designed to provide the amounts of vitamins and minerals needed specifically by horses.
  • Assures horse owners of commitment to ensuring high-quality products that perform
  • Enables horses to reach their genetic potential by providing key vitamins and minerals lacking in feedstuffs.
  • Tailors the mineral program to more closely match feeding program requirements.
  • Matches feeding situation with best form of product, making supplementation easy.

How Much is Needed

1 to 3 oz per horse daily (see Instructions for Feeding).

Additional information

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