Drystall, 40 lb.


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Dry Stall, 40 lb.

Dry Stall Uses

  • “Dry Stall” is a benefit for both indoor and outdoor stalls.
  • Indoor: “Dry Stall” will absorb moisture, reduce odor, soften footing and prolong
    shaving life.
  • Outdoor: “Dry Stall” can be used in designated spots or throughout the entire stall to absorb moisture (such as urine and rain), improve drainage, and soften hard concrete footing.
  • In both cases, “Dry Stall” is permanent. It will not rot or break down so no removal is needed.
  • CAT LITTER: “Dry Stall” can be used as either a generic cat litter or as a filler to extend the life of your favorite clumping litter.  Its highly absorbent qualities make it an ideal choice for use in maintaining dry and sanitary conditions for your cat’s litter box.
  • LAWN & GARDEN USE: “Dry Stall” is an ideal soil medium due to its ability to absorb moisture, aerate soil and improve drainage for planters, lawn and vegetable gardens. It can be used as a soil additive to promote healthier plants, vegetables and flowers all around your home and garden.
  • DOG RUNS: “Dry Stall” is the perfect choice for keeping your dog’s runs and recreation areas dry and safe. It is resistant to aggressive acids and vapors, like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide so it maintains a healthy area for all your animals to enjoy.

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