Canary Roller Cuisine


Specialized mix for canaries with Red Bell Peppers, Coconut, Carrots, and more.

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Leach Grain & Milling

Canary Roller Cuisine

Available in: 4 & 20 lb. Bags

Ingredients: Canary, Rape, Vitamin Coated Seed*, Flax, Red Millet, CR GR Oat Groats, Hemp, Coconut, Red Bell Peppers, Carrot Granules, Oats Groats Red ST Cut, Kibble, Anise, Apple Nuggets, Spinach Leaves, Saffron.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 15.9%*
Crude Fat: 11.25%*
Crude Fiber: 7.60%*
Ash: 1.00%*

*Not less than

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