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Give your majestic mare a unique look that expresses her individual style and personality with Weaver Leather Horse Mane & Tail Rubber Bands. Whether preparing for competition or simply preventing her hair from getting tangled, you can create impeccably braided manes and tails with these small, perfectly-sized rubber bands. Made from strong, durable elastic and packed in bags of 500, these essential accessories should be in any equestrian’s groom or show bag, and are available in brown, white, chestnut & black to complement your horse’s hair color.

Key Benefits

  • Create a unique, personalized look that expresses your majestic mare’s individual style.
  • Ideal for competition use or simply keeping her mane and tail from becoming tangled and matted.
  • Strong, durable elastic bands are the perfect size for creating impeccable braids.
  • These essential accessories should be part of every equestrian’s groom or show bag.
  • Packaged in bags of 500

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