Alltech Bio-Mos, 4.2 oz.


A Multi-species Digestive Supplement

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Alltech Bio-Mos Supplement, 4.2 oz.
Bio-Mos is the original natural solution to intestinal issues. It promotes good bacteria and builds natural defenses thereby maximizing animal performance and profitability.
What is Bio-Mos?Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity is essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos ‘feeds the GI tract’ and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.
Glycomics, the study of sugars and their structures, represents the future of animal health and performance, making genomics (the study and application of DNA) look like childsplay. Researchers have clearly shown that the structure (form) of the sugar impacts the role (function) in health applications.
Alltech foreshadowed Glycomics with the creation of Bio-Mos. For over 12 years, Bio-Mos has been revolutionizing animal diets worldwide and is supported by over 300 research trials (university, practical, peer reviewed), a solid market presence, quality assurance and technically sound expertise.
Why use Bio-Mos?Bio-Mos is used around the world as a standard feed ingredient. For example, Brazil is the number one exporter of chicken meat worldwide and 4 of top 5 broiler companies in Brazil use Bio-Mos. Also 4 of the top 6 broiler companies in the UK and 10 of the top 18 turkey companies in the USA use Bio-Mos with great success. Bio-Mos is ARC certified, scientifically proven, applicable to all species and delivers consistent health and performance benefits.
Benefits by Species:

  • Efficient nutrient transfer from mare to foal
  • Foal body condition
  • Healthy weight gain

Companion Animals (Dogs & Cats):

  • Balances microbial populations
  • Canine nutrient concentrations
  • Health capacity
  • Benefits young, growing and senior pet


  • Flock health and livability
  • Feed efficiency and weight gain
  • Profitable egg production: weight and quality
  • Chicks per hen housed
  • Chick quality
  • Natural meat and egg marketability


  • Efficient nutrient transfer from sow to piglets
  • Piglet weaning weights
  • Return to estrus
  • Economic advantage
  • Pre-weaning livability
  • Reduced use of therapeutic treatments
  • Finish pigs faster to market
  • Natural meat marketability


  • Healthy weight gain
  • Calf livability
  • Efficient nutrient transfer from cow to calf
  • Herd health and productivity
  • Economic returns
  • Viable in natural beef programs
  • Addresses shipping stress
  • Natural beef marketability


  • Healthy weight gain
  • Livability
  • Natural meat marketability

Aquaculture (Fish):

  • Benefits shrimp, fish, lobster and other aquatic animals
  • Health and livability
  • Production numbers
  • Natural seafood marketability

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