AFFC Alfalfa Formula, 30 lb.


American Family Feed Company Extruded Alfalfa Pellets

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American Family Feed Company

American Family Feed Company Extruded Alfalfa Pellets, 30 lb.
Feeding Your Horse the Way Nature Intended™

AFFC Alfalfa Pellets uses wholesome ingredients that work to provide optimum levels of energy for the maintenance and long term health of your horse. Unlike textured feeds, AFFC is uniquely formulated using the Extrusion Process.

Providing superior nutrition to all classes of horses and all age groups from weanlings to seniors and broodmares to competitive partners, AFFC allows you to meet your horse’s individual daily caloric requirements. Whether your horse needs 15,000 calories or 35,000 calories, you can safely achieve those numbers utilizing good quality forage or pasture and AFFC Horse Feed.

Along with high quality ingredients, AFFC uses state-of-the-art vitamin and mineral formulas from Alltech® for improving animal performance and Tasco® AOS prebiotics to increase beneficial microorganisms, maintain a healthy immune response and reduce colic and laminitis. Digestive enzymes are included to provide a superior combination of overall intestinal health and advanced nutrient absorption for optimal performance.

Our steam extrusion process results in a cool, energy-dense, nutrient rich feed that is digested in the small intestine — where nature intended.

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